Sailing in Greece – the Ionian Islands

Navagio-Beach-Zakynthos-Greece copia
Impressive landscapes, long golden sandy beaches, traditional fisherman’s villages, fascinating spots and secluded bays, some animated bars ad bistros for the aperitif, Byzantine churches and a warm breeze from midday to the sunset… This is what you find in the homeland of Odysseus, the most famous Homer’s hero, and all around the Ionian Islands. And that is why so many people who have been sailing around this area, finally come back every now and then.
Let’s discover some possible itineraries together…

day 1 – embark in Fiskardo – sailing to Sarakiniko Bay, beautiful turquoise bay with white gravel beach – afternoon sailing between Itaca and Kephalonia – night-stay at anchor in ormos paliokarvio, Kephalonia.

[SinglePic not found]day 2 – Sailing to Palio Polis, Itaca for a swim where Homer is told to be born – afternoon sailing to the other side of the Island – night-stay in Port Vathi, the main port of Itaca.

day 3 – Swim in the bay of Gulf of Etos – afternoon sailing to Meganisi – nightstay in the new marina Odysseas, in the old fisherman village.

day 4 – Drop anchor in Onassis’s Island Skorpio – afternoon sailing around the islands – night at anchor or in port in one of the three fiords of Meganisi Island.

day 5 – Tour of Meganisi Island to visit the Blue Cave – sailing from Meganisi to the small Arkoudion Island – afternoon sailing to Port Kioni, Ithaca, to spend the night.

day 6 – Sail from Ithaca to Asos Castle Kephalonia – afternoon sailing to Fiskardo, one of the most fascinating fishermen’s village in Greece. Enter the port, in the evening in time for an aperitif in one of the many bars and bistros of the village

day 7 – Morning: disembark in Fiskardo – Flight from Kephalonia Airport (EFL) to Athens